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What cable would i need if i wanted to use the ps3 on my monitor?


At the moment i am using the cables i got with the ps3 but i want to get better resolution. On my 360 i was able to buy a VGA cable but there is no such thing for the ps3 that i know of. Can anyone tell me what i should use. The ports on the back of the ps3 are hdmi and the av multi out. On the back of the monitor the ports are: Scart, RGB and S-video. I have no idea about any of this stuff so if i have given any wrong information apologies.

I bought an hdmi to dvi but the only problem is that there is nowhere in the monitor to put it 🙁

Thanks in advance

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  1. Hey check this out!

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    If that doesn’t work, this is also affordable.

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  2. There is no cable to convert anything to VGA. You can convert composite (RGB) to S-video easily enough, but it will still only be composite quality, with a maximum 480i resolution.

    (If by RGB input you mean composite, that is, yellow, white and red, then there’s no need to use S-Video, just use the composite cable for ps3. Or you can get a european Scart cable for ps3, but this would only work if your ps3 is a PAL model.)

    I expect you want HD on your monitor, sorry but if it has no DVI input you’re outta luck. HDMI output is digital and is protected by HDCP scrambling, so only an HDCP-compliant monitor can accept the signal. Since your monitor doesn’t have HDMI or DVI, it’s not HDCP-compliant. The only other HD output from ps3 is component video. Component video is an analog signal and there is no simple way to convert it to other analog signals like VGA or S-Video. It takes more than just changing the connectors, the signal itself must be processed and changed.

    The good news is there are devices that do this. If you live in the USA, chances are you can’t find one for sale in the country, though you can buy them from Asia and have them shipped to you, if US customs still allows it. One I saw a couple months back could accept most kinds of analog input and output VGA, composite, component and s-video. It was about $70. I don’t know if it really worked or not, or how well. It said it could convert digital signals, but it wouldn’t have worked for HDCP-encoded signals, if it did it would be pretty illegal.

    It is less risky to simply get an HDCP-compliant monitor, which can be found for as low as $150. Or you could get a composite-to-s-video adapter and use your ps3 on your monitor at 480i. It would probably look a little bit better than your tv.

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