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What can I do with my PS3 and PS Vita?


I dont acually have a ps vita yet but getting one and the closest i have to a ps3 is ny uncles. I know i could play the ps3 games on the vita but what else can i do with both of them connected?

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  1. If you have a ps3, don’t bother getting a ps vita. Trade portability with graphics? No way man. And I don’t really think that both consoles can connect together.

    I will only consider getting a ps vita if it plays gta 4 well. But I doubt it would.

    Consider this. A portable supercomputer is on its way using nanotechnology. I would rather wait for that.

  2. Well with both you can cross play. Play with users on ps3 and psv online on selected games.

    Playing on ps3 and have to go? No worrys, copy data to psv and continue on.

    Want to share stuff from your ps3 on your psv? Remote play it while on the go. Even selected games.

    That’s what you can do with both

  3. im just hoping that they make it that u can do cross game chat on the PS3 through the Vita

    @Marc Jin Way both console do connect.did u even check anything b4 u typed what u did?

    apart from the PSV & Wii U the Razer Project Fiona Tablet is the only other thing i would consider getting when it comes out until the PS4 & next Xbox.

  4. Well, you can play some of your PS3 games in your vita via wifi, that means you can play in the bathroom your favorite ps3 game.

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