Home Playstation Forum What comes with the ps vita WIFI (not a bundle)?

What comes with the ps vita WIFI (not a bundle)?


I was thinking of getting a ps vita in a couple of days. Before i bought it i was wondering what the ps vita WIFI came with? Maybe a free game or something.

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  1. Unfortunately the “Wifi only” would not come with anything. But the good thing about it is that you would get what is written. On the 3g bundle you still have to pay for the basic things to get the extras like free PSN online game and the data session pass. So this bundle is preferable.

    Here take a look at this excellent review from an owner of the bundle:

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    Make sure that you get the memory card separate. 8Gb is enough but you can go up to 32Gb. Here take a look at the memory cards:

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    Here you would find the Ps vita wifi only. It would be delivered to your home which I think itself is a good deal:

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  2. You can choose whether to have 3G powered by AT&T (WiFi Everywhere you go) or WiFi where you have to connect to router.

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