Home Playstation Forum what happens if you get reported in black ops on ps3?

what happens if you get reported in black ops on ps3?


me and my friend were playing one in the chamber on split screen and we were the last alive so we were messing around, then i let him kill me we could tie then we battled it out. im worried someone might have reported me for boosting so i was wondering what happens if treyarch decide you are boosting. do they just ban you for a certain amount of time or take off cod points or experience? best answer gets

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  1. They ban you for life, and contact Microsoft to disable your system from Xbox Live.
    Just kidding, honestly, nothing will happen. If one person reports you Treyarch will do nothing about it. If you get multiple people reporting you constantly, you could see a ban.

  2. well boosting isn’t much of a problem anymore.

    people getting reported on the PS3 is very unlikely. boosting would be one of the last reasons you’d be reported.

    but, if you were to be reported, you would receive a warning, OR be banned for a time period. they all vary in length, but since it was your first time, it would be more of a warning.

    the company doesn’t really have the power to deduct points from you.

    but you have nothing to worry about. just don’t harass other players and you’ll be fine.

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