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which is better playstation or xbox?


ok i like playstation because the controllers aren’t as bulky and that its more my thing because they have More interactive games,but they also have fighting games. plus when xbox 360 came out so many people have probs.so well u have to pay alot for that so ok

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  1. PS3 vs. XBOX 360

    Microsoft has an impressive gaming console in their Xbox 360 and there are some amazing titles exclusive to the Xbox, but in the end you get less bang for your buck when compared to the Playstation 3:

    (1) Online gameplay: You can use the Playstation Network’s online features without having to pay a subscription fee like you do for the Xbox. I was never a big online gamer but now I enjoy playing against opponents online.

    (2) Internet connectivity: Built-in wireless internet connectivity on the PS3 is a much better bet than having to buy a wireless network adapter for the Xbox. Of course you can simply rely on a wired Ethernet connection, but this might be inconvenient depending on your set-up.

    (3) High-Def Video: The Playstation 3 doubles as a Blu-Ray player. Microsoft bet on the wrong horse when they were hoping that HD-DVD would come out the winner in the high-def format wars. If you want a Blu-Ray player/video game system combo, the PS3 is a great device.

    (4) Failure rate: The Xbox 360 has an absurdly high failure rate, with estimates ranging between 30 to 50% ([.]). I can’t verify the numbers, but know from my friends who own the Xbox 360 that they’ve had a fair share of grief with their systems.

    Microsoft does have a few edges, namely the upcoming Project Natal, unveiled at June’s E3. While Natal may ultimately be one of the most amazing advances in video gaming, it unfortunately is still some time off from being implemented. That being said, the Playstation 3 is much more worth the cost than the Xbox 360 – at least for now.


    [.] system that doubles as a Blu-Ray player. Keep in mind though that the bulk of money spent on the video game system will not be in the initial down payment, but the subsequent games, extra controllers (only comes bundled with one controller), and other peripherals/accessories. [.]. Sony’s refusal to incorporate backwards-compatibility for PS2 games on the PS3, however, might make your gaming library obsolete in a few years, so if you have the money, you’re best off going for the PS3 Slim. You won’t regret it.

    Which game console should you buy? [url is not allowed]

    PS3 SLIM

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    XBOX 360

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  2. I like the controllers on the ps3 better, it is harder to play games on the xbox with the bulky controllers, and yeah the ps3s last longer. Go with the ps3 for free online gameplay aswell.

  3. PS3 Is so much better even know the x-box 360 has some good games for that console only.The PS3 has some of the best games out there like Uncharted 2 and God of war 3 coming out. The Graphics and everything are so much better and with sony giving the PS3 a 10 year life span it still have 6 good years left to go

  4. ps3 is way better then xbox, it has better graphics better games, it uses blu ray wich is 5 times more memory then dvd, it has a better proccesor it has great online, it has way better technical specs in everything i have them both and ps3 is way better

  5. I had the same problem as you. I debated it for a long time, and eventually chose a Playstation 3. I think in the long run its a better decision. Sure, XBOX has better “online gaming”, but there are a lot of downsides to it.

    Regarding the problems that you mentioned people used to have, yes there were many. But many of them are resolved now. As of now, many things have changed, and I think that the following information I am going to share with you is going to show you why Playstation is a better choice.

    1. With XBOX, you need to pay a fee to play online. Thats not fun at all. Even on days when you dont play, you are still paying Microsoft. What a dirtbag way to treat your customers.

    2. A few months ago, people were given the option of purchasing an XBOX 360 Arcade system (which doesnt support online), a 60gb Pro Console, or the very expensive 120gb XBOX elite. Recently, XBOX has discontinued the 60gb console, forcing people who enjoy online to deal out the extra cash for the elite.

    Now some people say: “well the elite system was recently dropped in price by $50.” That statement is false. Heres why: Before the price drop, the elite system came with an HDMI cable. After the price drop, Microsoft has not included that cable. So now, if you want an HDMI cable, you need to dish out an extra $75 dollars to buy one. That means that the elite actually went up 25 bucks if you do the math. In addition, the XBOX does not have a built in wifi adapter like the PS3, so be prepared to spend another $50 plus on one.

    Bottom Line: If your willing to spend an extra $100 on much needed accessories and $50 a year to enjoy online play, go with the XBOX. What recession?

  6. Both same thing, PS3 is cheaper. All you need to know.

    For in-depth, keep reading. Both 360 and PS3 are the same price initially without add ons, remember that.


    $100 – Wifi Adapter

    $50 a year – Online Gaming

    $30 – Charge controller

    $20 – Intercooling fan

    $100 – HD DVD

    None – Internet Broswer


    Free – Built in Wifi

    Free – Online Gaming

    Free – USB to charge controller

    Free – Built in Fan

    Free – Blu-Ray Player

    Free – Internet Browser

    360: If you are subscribed to Netflix, you can watch movies.

    PS3: If you live in Europe, you can download this free application that can play up to 100,000+ music videos for free, anytime you want. For America, we are still waiting. Netflix coming to PS3 in November.

    360: Unfortunately, it has a 35%+ Failure rate, but it comes with a 3 year warranty.

    PS3: Has about a 2-5% Failure rate. Comes with 1 year warranty.


    Halo 3 – Shooter

    Halo ODST – Shooter

    Halo Recon – Shooter [Not out yet]

    Halo Wars – Strategy

    Gears of War – Shooter

    Left 4 Dead – Shooter

    Alan Wake – Horror/Action

    Forza – Racing

    Fable – RPG

    Splinter Cell – Stealth Action [Not out yet]


    Killzone – Shooter

    Resistance – Shooter

    MAG – Shooter [256 players online, not out yet. Most games have only 16 players online]

    Metal Gear Solid – Stealth Action

    God of War – Action [Not out yet, March 2010]

    Gran Turismo – Racing [Not out yet]

    Motorstorm – Racing

    ModNation Racers – Racing [Not out yet]

    LittleBigPlanet – Platforming

    White Knight Chronicles – RPG [Not out yet]

    Demons Souls – RPG

    Ratchet and Clank – Platformer

    Uncharted 2 – Action

    inFamous – Sandbox/Superhero

    Agent – Sandbox [Made by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto but Agent will be bigger. Coming out 2010]

    ^^^Exclusives for each system

    Basically if you want to save more money and have a wider variety of games, PS3 is your choice.

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