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Why I Still Prefer the PS2


The PS2 console could be considered the granddaddy of all gaming consoles. This system set the bar for what a console should be by breaking all sales records and achieving 140 million plus units sold as of 2008.

While other consoles, systems, and online games offer users a different aspect of the gaming world, the PS2 still very much has it’s place in the video game world. Sony has improved each iteration of the unit that it’s released since the inception of the PS2 Consoles back in 2000.

The PS2 offers the user not only a superior gaming experience, but also a way for the owner to play DVDs. Each release of the PS2 console has been an improvement on it’s predecessors. The latest version is much lighter, slimmer, and sleeker, which makes it very convenient for carrying around. Also, the system is no longer an eye sore in the living room, as it can be easily tucked away from sight when not in use.

The affordability of the PS2 Consoles also make them attractive to the end-users. Particularly in a slow economy. Though it’s interesting to note that according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, gaming and expenditures on gaming related activities have increased since the economic downturn began. This could be attributed to the fact that people seek that which they find the most pleasure in during tough economic times. Video games are an excellent “escape” from the real world stresses. Additionally, with the advent of on-line gaming, this enables gamers to have a sense of community where there exists a great social outlet.

The fan base for the PS2 is loyal and growing. Even with the introduction of its successor, the PS3, as well as other competing systems such as the xbox, the PS2 remains a very strong selling system. New technology often has bugs and inconsistencies in the early stages of release, whereas the PS2 has been battle hardened and proven as a reliable system over the years.

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Craig is also a PS2 enthusiast when he’s not working.

Submitted On March 26, 2009Console GamesWhile a number of new systems that have entered and are entering the gaming market, the PS2 is still a force to be reckoned with. The following describes my affinity for the PS2 Console.ps2 consoles, ps2 console, playstation 2 console, playstation 2 consoles

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