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Will PS3 get any cheaper anytime soon?


I want to pick one up so I can have Blu-Ray but I have a feeling the price cuts will take place this year and the $499 model could drop to $349 or so.anybody have any inside news?

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  1. I don’t think it’s going to drop much until PS4 comes along, and that will be in 6-8 years. Don’t forget the PS3 is a computer and it’s actually more valuable than $499. They are actually selling them very cheap for what the PS3 is capable of.

    Just buy it and cut on going out to eat or other things you do. It’s worth it.

  2. You have to keep loking for deals to come. Like I got mine (80 gb version) from K-Mart brand new for only 385 dollars.

  3. Microsoft plans another 360 price drop right around E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) which takes place I believe in July!

    So if you can patient and hold out awhile, I think Sony would have no choice but to drop the price of the PS3 if MS drops the 360 price!

  4. Sony had trouble selling the PS3 until this last price cut (or really the 40gb version). Now that they are selling, they probably leave things set as long as they can. Sony’s Pres even said he hopes that in 2008 they actually start to make a profit on the PS3 (I don’t see it yet).

    But like the other poster said, before it was Sony that had to keep lowering the price. Microsoft would then lower it too, to stay a head. Now I think Microsoft well lower it, and sony well just have to match.

  5. Yes ,it will sooner or later.Infact for any electronic item you see, there is a drop after its launch in say few months!!

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