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Xbox 360 and Xbox One (best answer reward)?


Since the Xbox One was released and now its in stores the xbox 360 deals are really good over here

I never tried Microsoft products I had a playstation 1 , 2 and now 3

The deal is to buy Xbox 360 with 6 games including the kinect and 2 game controllers with 3 months live prepaid cards (Star Wars ,dance central ,Rush, (a game with a yellow car on) and some other 2 adventure games) for 487.13 USD ( converted it USD)

The thing is that I have Wifi network at home and thats how do I connect it to Ps3 but I was wondering whats a Live card and what can I do with it?

And I heard microsoft will support Xbox 360 for another 2 years does this mean I cant find games for it after two years?

and if I can compete with Xbox One players?

Is it worth to buy it when Xbox one is already out?

I love the Just Dance more than dance central anyways

You can explain everything else for me instantly

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  1. An xbox live card is simply a card that allows you to be subscribed to xbox live gold (note that gold is mandatory if you want to play online multiplayer) if it has 3 months written on it. It'll give you a 3 month subscription. If it's 12 months. It'll give you 12 months of gold. After two years that's when xbox live servers on the xbox 360 will have shut down and live will only be available on xbox one. And after that games will pretty much stop being made and sold on xbox 360. Hope I helped!

  2. Well, you’re only a few dollars away from being able to buy the Xbox One, but the Xbox Live card is a membership required to play online with friends and others. Its $60 for a year, and $25 for 3-months, and with that Gold Membership you can play games online, chat with friends, use XBOX app, and watch TV with a Netflix, Hulu, or TV provider account. Xbox 360 players can’t play against Xbox One players, because the Xbox One has completely different servers now. I still use my Xbox 360, and will continue to for a while since almost none of my friends have the ONE yet and it hardly has any games, I think it has like 10-15 total so far, and the Xbox 360 has thousands.

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