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Xbox live suspension?


Can someone explain to me the xbox live suspension stuff to me? Like How many complaints u need to suspend somebody, how long u are suspended, and is there a way out of suspension?

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  1. If several people file a complaint against you from the same game for verbal offenses, they’ll suspend you. If your profile is offensive they’ll check it and you’ll be told to change it or willget suspended depending on the severity or amount of offenses you have. There’s no way out of it since MS can’t be there all the time and relie on the community and the feedback system to point out the trouble makers. As always, try to be a good sport and watch your Ps & Qs when in a Live game.

  2. it depends what you do cause today my friend got suspened just saying douche bag but he did not say it to anyone 2

  3. dont know, i always curse people out on xbox live and get complaints filed on me but ive never got suspended but if they do maybe for like a day or two cuz they cant suspend you for like a month cuz they didnt pay for the xbox live subscription u bought

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