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xbox360 help!!?


Ok so I got the XboxLive connection to work but now when I try to make an account it says ” To create a profile on this console, connect a memory unit or USB storage device and select Continue.” Does this mean I need a harddrive? If I do What would be the cheapest way to go?

Thanks for your help

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  1. it means, you have no memory card of ANY Kind. o until you get one, you can’t have a LIVE account. Cheapest one to buy is a Memory card, they usually run you about $20.00

  2. The very cheapest would be a flash drive like 8gb or 16gb but it really wouldn’t give you any room to store anything.

    The second cheapest would be to look ebay for a used microsoft brand 20 or 60gb xbox 360 hard drive, the older models are all compatible.

    I got a 120gb hard drive for 50 bucks on ebay.

    The most expensive is buying the 250gb brand new hard drive I think my local walmart sells it for 130 bucks

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