Home Playstation Forum do the graphics on the ps3 look really bad on normal tvs?

do the graphics on the ps3 look really bad on normal tvs?


well i don’t have a ps3 yet but im gonna get one do the ps3 graphic look bad or ok or good on a normal tv? because i don have a plasma or lcd hdtv

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  1. On a regular TV the graphics look fine and very nice. But on an HDTV makes them seem ASTOUNASHING. Ether way you’ll still love to play. and at if you got friends or family with an HDTV then ask to ether borrow it or if you can take your PS3 over so you can witness how Awsome it looks.

  2. I was using an STV for about, 3 months. It is absolutely fine!

    I never had a problem and now that I am playing on an LCD it is an improvement but it is still very playable on an SDTV.

  3. on the hdtv it does astounding but standard tv is also good just not so clear. you can still get the same quality gaming and fun on a SDTV like one from a HDTV. When i play a game i dont care a about graphic maybe for 1st minute but later who care about the graphic.

  4. no it look the same as in the lcd thats not a problem dont worry because you must be having a smaller tv but the graphics is the same sa in all the tv.ya its graphics is the best man it is bettere than ps2. it will look that you are playing in 3d tv

  5. Graphics are still amazing on SDTV, however, HDTVs offer much higher resolution (more details can be seen, easier to read, etc).

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