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How do I setup Xbox one external storage?


I am running low on space and so I am asking for links to buy two 2tb external hard drives and for what ever I need to connect it to the Xbox one

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  1. You could buy the external hard drives from a load of different shops depending where you live, just do a quick google search, and when you get them you should be able to (after plugging them in) go to your storage settings I think and choose the hard drive and it should ask if you want to format it for the xbox just say yes, unless it’s changed in which case you could probably just start using them without formatting them first but I doubt that.

  2. first off, you WILL need to get a USB 3.0 external drive, ( there are 2 types, some powered by the USB & others powered by a wall plug – both work fine)

    There is really nothing to it:

    When you connect a compatible external storage drive, Xbox One will walk you through setting it up.

    The basic requirements for an external drive are:

    •Has capacity of 256 GB or more

    •Uses USB 3.0

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