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How should I set up internet to my PlayStation 3?


I currently have a 2Wire wireless-G 802.11g router (Model: 2701HG-B), but my PS3 is about 40-50 feet away from it and separated by 3 walls, so I only get about 37% signal strength. Not only that, but I am constantly getting booted from the PlayStation Network, but not the internet itself. I am bombarded by so many error messages that I can’t pin down the exact problem.

All of this leads me to thinking I may need a new router. I was thinking a wireless-N, but I don’t know too much about this type of thing so I’m unsure if “N” would even work. I do have a CAT-5 cable run through my attic for when I used my PS2 online, but that is Cat-5 and the holes lead to different rooms.

tl;dr: Should I use an old CAT-5 and go through the hassle of setting it up, or should I get a new router; is so, wireless N or G?

Bonus points for specific models of routers and what-not.

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  1. The PS3 requires a “G” compatible wireless router. It doesn’t support “N”.

    A CAT5 cable is a CAT5 cable. Doesn’t matter how old.

    Wired tends to give better performance than wireless, so try a wired connection first.

  2. Well using that cat-5 (ethernet) cable will give you the best connection as long as the cord isnt longer than 100 feet. Buying a new router may help if you want to stay wireless. The ps3 doesn’t use wireless N, only wireless G so having one with N won’t make any difference but it will keep it future-proof for any devices you get in the future. (Wireless N is backwards compatible with G and D). Just make sure you get one with lots of range to give yourself the best signal.

    -at $100 i HIGHLY recommend this one. Its been hailed as the best wireless router in the $100 range. it features Wireless N and has a range of up to 300 feet.

    [url is not allowed].

  3. Ok get a router called belkin and rocketfish gaming wire that 50 feet but need to drill some hole on that will give 100% of power oh it Wireless N but use the wire

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