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I recently bought a PS3, anyone know of some cool tricks to do with it?


also, how do i convert a video into a suitable format for ps3 (for free)

and anyone who answers the question similar to balance it on your head will be shot

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  1. got an ipod? connect it to your ps3. and go to music and you click on triangle and click the option display all. and search for your music and then you can copy it. pretty cool eh? 360 doesn’t have that does it?

  2. if you own a psp you can use the psp to access the ps3 from anywere in the world where there is a wi-fi spot, you can play all your music on the ps3 through the psp and videos and soon you will be able to play ps3 games remotely on the psp!!

    great stuff!!

  3. well you can change the background on the PS menu by downloading themes from sites like psu.com.

    you can surf the net with it.

    you can play blu-ray discs on it.

    well the ps3 plays a lot of video formats it would be nice if you can convert them into MPEG 4 if its a video from the internet.

    hope this helped you out!:D

    don’t forget to pick a best answer!

  4. you have to convert the videos to MPEG-4 , and then add it to a memory card/stick.

    video converters:


    PSP Media Manager.

    or just google psp video converters.

  5. theres a ps3 video 9 convertor.

    i have never used it. funny you ask cuz i just tried to download 30 days of night and heartbreak kid. i went to [url is not allowed]

    and got them from my ps3 webbrowser.

    make sure you click the movie, then when the screen comes up, press download at the bottom.

    my first movies almost done so ill tell you if it works.

    sorry nvm. im in the same boat as you now. damnit.

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