Home Playstation Forum Is play station plus on the ps4 the code to play online.?

Is play station plus on the ps4 the code to play online.?


Going to get a ps4 and wondered what exactly playstaion plus is, is it the equivalent to Xbox live gold membership?

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  1. Playstation Plus lets you play games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Killzone, etc online. You don’t need Playstation Plus to watch Netflix or Hulu Plus though. There are a few free to play online games on the Playstation store that doesn’t need a Playstation Plus membership, and more free to play games are coming like Planetside 2. It is $49.99 for a year membership and while you are a member you get at least one free game each month. For example Outlast is free this month (February) for Playstation Plus members. So it is kind of like Xbox live but 100 times better. Not hating on Xbox though. You can also get discounts with it and one membership works on your Ps4,Ps3, and PS Vita. You also get 3 gb online storage. Trust me it is worth it! Have a good day!

  2. I wondered the same question as you two months ago and yes it is the equivalent to the Xbox live gold membership. PlayStation Plus is pretty much xbox live. Also you can get free games if you're a member of PlayStation Plus.

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