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My ps3 turns on and then turns off 3 seconds after with no yellow/red lights?


This is NOT the famous YLOD, I plugged in everything correctly, however the red light that’s supposed to be turned on while the ps3 is off isn’t there. I push the power on button and it turns green for about 3 seconds and then immediately shuts off without notice. I can hear the HDD working, but the fan wasn’t on or was about to turn on.


PS3 80GB


Ver-001 (motherboard)

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  1. If your red light isn’t on while in stand-by mode, perhaps the bulb has overheated, therefore no blinking.

    But this does feel like the YLOD.

  2. if the fan is not coming on, then maybe there is a short in its power, and that is why the system won’t start, to protect from an overheat, which would be MORE costly.

    take it to your local PS3 repair shop, and have them check it out. it might be a cheap fix, but i suppose anything is cheaper than buying a new PS3!

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