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PlayStation 3 help. no clue what i am doing?


OK, so i am going to get a PS3, includes 320GB PlayStation 3 system, DualShock 3 wireless controller, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye Camera, Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move demos, AC power cord, A/V and USB cables. I am also going to get another move controller but then i heard about a navigation controller and if those are the same thing? also what is the difference from Ps3 and PS3 slim? i have no clue if it is the same thing! and how do u charge a move controller? USB?

obviously i need help. plz answer soon

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  1. Every playstation controller is charged with a usb(included with ps3)

    The navigation controller has a anolog stick on it and i think 2 buttons thats what you would but for shooters. But if ur gonna play casual family games get the other controller with the ball.

    The ps3 slim and fat are the same. The slim is a bit smaller and not a finger print magnet,doesnt have a on and off swicth on the back, and has less port for stuff. I have the slim and its great if i had the fat my setup wouldnt work at all.

    Ps get uncharted 1,2 and metal gear solid : )

  2. The navigation controller is a different controller than the move. The move doesnt have any analog sticks or anything like that on it so if you want to play games like a shooter where u need to move a character, you either need a navigation controller which has an analog stick or u have to hold you dualshock controller with one hand.make your pick.

    The PS3 ‘Fat’ and PS3 Slim r pretty much the same thing. There are a few minor hardware differences that make the PS3 Slim use less energy and slightly smaller. While, I have never used a PS3 Slim, I have friends that have some and they don’t have any problems with it. As for the PS3 ‘Fat’, its un-kill-able! 😛

    The Move Controller is charged the same way as the Dualshock, by USB. But if you want, u can buy a separate charger for the Move.

    Hope this answers all your questions

  3. you charge all the controllers (move, dualshock, etc) by USB.

    The navigation controller is different to the normal move controller, but you can use the left hand side of a dualshock in its place – personally, i’d hold off buying extra move controllers unless you know you’ll need them (or you can get them bundled in cheaper when you buy the console.)

    The slim is the same as the original PS3 in what it can do. All that’s happened is that as Sony got better at designing what goes inside the console, they made a new model to take advantage of it – meaning components that use slightly less power to run and making the unit cheaper to produce.

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