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Ps2 Games That Don’t Have A Sequel On The Next-Gen Consoles?


I want to pick up some cheap Ps2 games that don’t have a sequel for the Ps3 (kinda defeats the purpose, because I’d have to buy the sequal next). So far, all I can think of is Darkwatch and Timesplitters.

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  1. Shadow of the Colossus


    Rogue Galaxy

    Odin Sphere

    There are probably quite a bit more but those games are fairly recent, and so far, there have been no confirmations about sequels for those games.

  2. So far, there is no title for the Ace Combat series on ps3. Which is a drag, because even though ace combat is not a flight sim or a realistic combat sim, it at least pays lip service to the planes and their qualities.

    There is as yet no Socom US navy seals title on the ps3, though there is sposed to be one in a while.

    There is no battlefield title, but battlefield bad company is supposed to be released this year, they keep releasing videos about it but it’s taking forever for them to finish it.

    There is no Star Wars battlefront title, and there are no plans for one either. The last swbf title was for psp.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a Jak and Daxter title either. The last one made was a daxter title for psp I think.

    Timesplitters was a niche hit on ps2 because it was the first fast shooter that had good split-screen multiplayer. They were slow to add online though, and when they did, it kind of sucked. So I doubt there will be any more timesplitters titles, what it pioneered is now old stuff.

    There’s no Smuggler’s Run title, Smuggler’s Run 2 for ps2 is still the last one.

    No Summoner title either, Summoner 2 for ps2 is the latest, and hopefully the last of that awful game

    There’s no Legacy of Kain-series title either, about either Kain or Raziel.

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