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ps3 doed it matter which version it is?


does it matter which version the ps3 is for example what does it mean when it says ‘us version’ will it work in the uk?

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  1. There are four PS regions:

    PAL – Europe, India, Australia;

    NTSC U/C – North America;

    NTSC C – China;

    NTSC J – Japan.

    NTSC have more versions available (80GB isn’t available in PAL regions), also NTSC 60GB plays more than 90% of PS2 games, whila PAL 60GB plays ~70% of PS2 games (some hardware differences).

    Voltage is different for a lot of countries. For example, Japan is 100V, while Russia is 220V and USA is 110V.

    US version will work in UK with proper (at least 400 watt) power converter. Remember, PS3 games are region free, but PS1/2 games and movies aren’t.

  2. Yes, but you need to be aware;

    Standard Definition output requires your TV be NTSC compatible, High Definition will work regardless.

    The US power standard is 110V. Some US PS3’s have a universal power supply that will work in Europe, but you can only check by opening the case of your PS3. If it isnt universal, you will need a power adapter as well.

    You wont be able to play PAL DVD’s at all, or protected blu-ray movies.

    You can only play PS1 games and PS2 games (not on 40GB) from the same region as the console.

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