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PS4 disconnecting from wifi every few minutes?


Hello, so today (for christmas) I got a brand new PlayStation 4. Games work fine, the system works fine. But I can’t install the initial update because after 20mb or so downloads, it will disconnect from my router and say something along the lines of “Disconnected from wifi”. This will happen 2-5 minutes again after reconnecting. This is so annoying as I can’t access online features!

Any help please? Also, my PlayStation is not regioned, so it can’t be that. Thanks!

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  1. maybe your wifi is placed so far from your ps4 so the signal is so weak and sometimes you loose it.

    try to get your router closer to your ps4 or connect with a lan cable.

  2. Probably there is problem with your WiFi or your ps4 is faulty better report that problem where you bought it from.

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