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Should I buy PS Vita or not?


So, I have a Xbox 360, Kinect and a iPad which I use for gaming. I dont know if i should buy it or not. Im not sure if i need it. How is it? Please help me out!

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  1. No don’t i got one they are * you got a computer? If you havent i reccomend saving 500 pound or 400 and buying a gaming pc they are so good!:) psp vita such a waste they will probably launch a 3d one then an xl one then psp vita 2 just stupid!

  2. i had an ipod touch and downloaded all these games, never were satisifed with it with the exception of infinity blade/2. sold it and got a vita, very happy great games coming out for it soon, the closest youll ever get to a console like experience

  3. If you have the money, then yes.

    The Vita already has a handful of exclusives and now has games like Killzone, Tear Away, PSAS Battle Royale, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank coming out. Sony also announced the cross buy feature, which means on select games that you purchase for PS3, you get a free copy of the game for Vita (I’m guessing a digital copy).

    And I don’t know what Owen is talking about. You cannot get a decent gaming rig for $600 – $700 unless you have some pretty exclusive access to computer hardware.

  4. I would Buy the PS3 first, first of all online is free it has good graphics and it’s way better than Xbox I have a PS Vita And It Gets Boring Hope This Helps Buddy 🙂

  5. Well If you plan on having a pretty-much PS3 on the go then get it. I myself am planing to get one. Theres soon gonna be new games comng out in the next few months too if your interested in it. I know for a fact that PSVITA gives a much richer gaming experience on the go compared to the vita. Better graphics, better quality games. If your a Hardcore/Dedicated gamer thats on-the-go or cant seem to share a TV with roommates/ect properly then I suggest buying that product.

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