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Sony said that they are upgrading the 40 gig PS3 to an 80 gig, and it´s going for 400 dollars.?


So when will stores start selling the new price cut on the PS3 for 400 dollars?

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  1. the current 40gb is not due to be reduced in price and will be sold til supplies last. same said of the current 80gb ps3 with metal gear solid 4 bundle, will be sold at current price, while supplies last. the current 80gb model with metal gear pack in is ps2 backward compatible. 40gb is not.

    the new 80gb model, is simply at current to knowledge replacing both models. at the 400 dollar price point. the new 80gb model that is yet to have been released however is the same in every way to the 40gb, with the exception it has a 80gb in it instead. which means no backwards compatibility.

    far as when this new 80gb, non backward compatible ps3 will be available, so far as i knew early fall. thought it was sept. some time.

    anyways goodluck. personally if i was you however, and just buying a ps3, i would snag one of the current 80gb models while ya still can, unless you dont care about ps2 compatibility, or metal gear.


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