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The Man Behind the Nintendo Wii Video Game Console – Satoru Iwata


The success of the Nintendo Wii video game console was not coincidental. It relied on great team work and unique business strategies which has been successfully carried out through out the years since Fusajiro Yamauchi who found Nintendo in 1889. In the beginning, the company only produced card games. In the 70’s, Nintendo produced its own color TV game for home video game console. In the 80’s, game like “Donkey Kong” was really a hit and others such as Atari 2600 and Intellivision gave Nintendo a huge boost in profit. As of 2009, Super Mario Bros was the best-selling video game.

The name Nintendo means “leaving luck to heaven” in English. In fact, luck was always with Nintendo as it eventually became the most influential video game company in the industry and the third most valuable listed company in Japan. In 2008, Nintendo was ranked the eighth among the largest software company in the world after Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

As the company moving on when Satoru Iwata became the fourth president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in May 2002, he turned the company into money making machine in a very short time and profit was up 41% at the end of the 2002 fiscal year.

Satoru Iwata was the first president who was not related to the Yamauchi family. It was Hiroshi Yamauchi, the third president chose Satoru Iwata to be his successor. Satoru Iwata has worked as a video game designer for a long time and has long been known for his simple and fun design. His innovative ideas and aggressive strategies pushed the company to take a giant step forward and excelling its competitors in the video game industry. At the same time, his hard work also won him the title “the world’s top CEOs” by Barron’s Magazine.

Satoru Iwata’s was certainly a lucky man but his success was not at all by luck. His perfect vision and leadership skills enabled him a unique power to guide the company to take a very specific direction which produced stunning results and generated handsome profit in a short time. For example, he had successfully re-defined the relationship between player and video game by using the game controller interface. This approach had won him a much broader audience, from those who once played but lost interest and even those who had never played before.

He extended the strategy further into developing the Nintendo Wii video game console. He did not want Nintendo to follow the same path of its competitors. Instead, Nintendo created a path of its own to capture the gamers in the world. Wii was a 7th generation console developed by Nintendo and outperformed its major competitors including Microsoft’s XBox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 as soon as it was introduced in the market.

A unique feature of the Wii console was its wireless controller. On the other hand, the Wii remote could be used as a hand held pointing device and detect movement in three dimension. Wii was a big hit as soon as it came out the market because emotion factors had been added into the game design besides all the enchanting graphics.

When Hiroshi Yamauchi was still the president of Nintendo, he had said a man with special talent was required to be his successor. At the time when he chose Satoru Iwata, he still had a certain degree of reservation if Satoru Iwata could have the ability to take Nintendo into a greater height of success. Now, Satoru Iwata has proven himself to be the perfect fit character and Hiroshi Yamauchi’s worry was not necessary.

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