Home Xbox Forum What does the xbox 120gb hardrive do?

What does the xbox 120gb hardrive do?


Does it let you play xbox live and can you play live with it. Also how do you download songs like replay!

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  1. you do not need a HD to play live.

    a HD allows you to download DLC and demos. as well as be able to use netflix and other stuff, and allows you to store multimedia files.,,

  2. the 120 gig hard drive doesnt do much other than * allow * you to hold more of your music , games saves , demos , videos / movies ; if you dont use too much memory then it’s rather pointless as the 20 gig hard drive let’s you do the same things

    it does let you play on xbox live

    ‘ downloading ‘ songs is illegal but to * share * music use Limewire or Frostwire 😀

  3. well it has alot of space for songs, videos, and game saves and more stuff. so its better to have it.

    u can stream movies from your computer to your xbox.l just went to xbox.com

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