Home Xbox Forum Why ismy Xbox live downloads so slow?

Why ismy Xbox live downloads so slow?


I have a 250 gb Xbox and my downloads take forever. I’m downloading spa game currently that’s 6.5 gb and its at 2 percent complete and it’s been probably 12 minutes. This can’t be normal?

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  1. The first thing we need to clear out is, it is not the Xbox Console.

    The problem is router or whatever you may have a weak signal or weak wifi, so when you have a weak wifi/signal the download would take forever that happened to me, I used to have slow downloads but then I knew it was my wifi connection and or signal so the best thing to do is to contact the service you are connecting with and tell them your wifi signal is weak. That is the best and only safe way to do it. Welcome and hope I helped. 🙂

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