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X box live connector cables?


What cables are needed for x box live?

Where can I get them?

How do I hook them up?
For a charter high speed internet modem.

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  1. To connect your Xbox (or Xbox 360) to the internet, you will need a regular Ethernet cable. You can find them anywhere online or at most major stores.

    You connect one end to your modem (or router) and the other to the system. Both ends of the wire have the same plug. It’s called an RJ-45 plug, and it looks like a phone plug.

    They are really easy to find. Just go to Wal-mart and ask for an Ethernet cable.

  2. You need either a standard straight ethernet cable, a USB wireless adapter, or an ethernet-to-wireless bridge. The cable is inexpensive, you can find it anywhere for less than $10, don’t buy anything that claims that has a superior connectivity, it is just marketing. My own 360 is connected through a $10 cable and it works perfectly.

    If you already have a PC connected to the cable modem then you will need a router. The cable modem connects to the router, then you can plug up to 5 PCs, game consoles, etc. to the same internet connection. If the router has a wireless access point, you still get the 5 wired plugs in the back, plus you can connect PCs, laptops and consoles through wireless.

    The USB wireless adapter is a Microsoft product, you plug it in the back of the Xbox 360 and it hooks into two slots. You cannot use this device if an ethernet cable is plugged into the ethernet port. The 360 will automatically detect the device. I have this product to connect my son’s 360 to the home network and it works very nicely.

    The ethernet-to-wireless bridge is a third party device that connects to your ethernet port in the back of the 360 and allows your 360 to connect to a wireless network. The 360 will think it is connected to a normal cable.

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