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XBOX 360 helpppppppppppp?


okay so i had the old one and it got the 3 red rings of death awhile back. (The inside is totally fried) I was told there was recalls and im wondering how the hell i get a form or something to send it to. Im totally lost.

And do you know when the expiration for the recall is?

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  1. Microsoft extend the warranty to 3 years due to the system failure rate, Red Rings of Death. If your console is within the 3 years you could call them or i think you can do it over the internet. Once you ship it out you can check the status of it to see if they received it and if they shipped it back out yet. I have had a few friends have this happen to them and it took forever for them to get the xbox back.

    If your system is out of warranty, there are some stores that repair and refurbish consoles, there was a place like that in a flea market around were i live but if you cannot find such a place, i would suggest buying a new system. i would rather not buy a used one.

  2. Here is a complete RRoD Fix guide which has information on how to:

    1: Causes

    2: Prevention

    3: Fixes

    4: Stats

    [url is not allowed]

    Just get yourself a repair guide!

    (It’s seriously the easiest thing to do and you’ll be up and running same day.)

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