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Xbox 360 live not working. Help?


My Xbox live hasn’t been working for sometime now. It said that the IP address is wrong, so i managed to get that working but know it says that the DNS isn’t right. Can somebody tell me what that is and how to get it going again? thanks
I know the server as gone down but my Xbox live hasnt been working forabout 4/5 months now thanks though 😛
Update 2:
I kind of want to get it working because i paid foer a whole year and havent used about 4 months of it

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  1. Yeah, almost everyone has the problem, Xbox live server has gone down. Just have to wait till they get it up and running again.

  2. what is going on though,i test my connection and my console passes all the questions, i cant understand, what is the real reason for this because they did the maintenence on the 29th of sept

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