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Xbox 360- Wireless Connetion Fail?


I bought the Wireless thing that goes at the back of the xbox 360, searched for the available networks, but mine doesn’t show up?

I filled in the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and Network Name.

I tried that multipul times, but it didn’t show up either. It another person but not me. And “specify Unlisted Network” As well as “creat Ad-HocNetwork.”

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  1. DO YOU HAVE A WIRELESS ROUTER? If not than it wont work, If so click on edit settings and click on wireless settings and yours wireless name should come up. You dont need to fill anything, it should automatically detect your wireless service and connect.

  2. yo

    i know how you feel

    the adapter cost a lot of money and it always has connection problems and then you think you are doomed and missing out on everything.

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