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Best speakers for my PS3!?


I would like some help peeps. I got ma ps3 hooked to m HDTV but i need some hardcore sound. 😛 Does anyone know what kind of speakers are best with the ps3 for a good price and a good sound?


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  1. The best are 7.1 speakers with digital input. If you can afford – get BOSE (very good, but they cost a lot).

  2. Well PS3 can use 7.1 surround sound, so try to find some of them, it has Toslink, so make sure the Speakers use that too, though some TV’s have surround sound ports in the back so you might be able to use them, and the sound form the HDMI.

    Have a look on Review sites like Which or CNET, there might even be systems that will specifiaclly work good for a PS3.

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    Personally have these for my laptop and I find them awesome! Generally logitech ive found are reliable and very affordable. Never tried them but ive heard ‘creative’ speakers arent too shabby either

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