Home Playstation Forum can a ps4 controller work on ps3?

can a ps4 controller work on ps3?


I really liked the ps4 controller it is pretty cool I want to buy it for my ps3 but I don’t wanna buy it and I am not really sure if it works on my ps3

I am not getting ps4 now I am gonna wait 2or3 years to buy it
I buy it from eBay or amazon not from GameStop

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  1. The DS4 works with the PS3 as long as it stays connected via USB. It may not function with older ps3 games though. But it works with BF4 for me.

  2. No, don’t buy the PS4 controller because it won’t work on your PS3. The same way that a PS3 controller doesn’t work for PS2, PS2 doesn’t work with PS1.

    The PS4 will have new features, so I doubt it will work.

  3. the ps4 controller does work with the ps3, but only on certain games and possibly limited usability. i am messing with it right now.

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