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dmc4 devil may cry 4?


is dmc4 worth it? is it a GOOD game. now im thinkin of getting this in august but if there is something better lemme know. apart from COD4, battlefield:BC, GT5p, Uncharted, MGS4, NinjaGaiden coz those i know about. so lemme know about good games i should consider instead of dmc4. (preferably ones already out.)

btw i have a ps3.

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  1. I’d say DMC4 is worth it, I have something like over 200 hours of playing time on it, so it kept me occupied for a while, its really interesting to see how you progress in skill. It’s a very satisfying game, with a lot of cool moves to discover, even after playing through over 5 times it didn’t get old for me.

    Another good game for ps3 is Dark Sector. You can download the demo off psn, it’s extremely gory, and very fun once you get the hang of it. It pretty much borrows your favourite elements from games and mashes them into one. Look up some gameplay on youtube, and if it takes your fancy, download the demo off psn. If you live in Australia like me, the game is actually banned because it’s too badass, so You would have to make a US account to download the demo, and if you wanted the game you’d have to order it off ebay. Hope this helped, and good luck.

  2. i own it but yeah its pretty good hopefully by august it will go down in price for your sake, put it this way its better than part 1 and 3 but not as good as 2 does that make any sense

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