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how to connect a ps3 to a hdtv without the use of a hdmi cable?



  1. You can use the standard A/V cables (composite) that came with the PS3. However, these won’t deliver an HD picture. These only give SD picture, which is 480i (assuming you are in an NTSC region).

    If you want an HD picture, your only two options are an HDMI cable or component cables (red, blue, green). Only the HDMI will deliver the highest resolution, 1080p. Component only goes to 1080i since its analog.

  2. you can use the cables that came with it or you can buy a composite cable if you want i think 1080i hd. im not sure. but ya get the son brand for composite. composite is like the green blue and yellow and more colors i forgot

  3. Well, if you just want standard resolution (480i) then you can just connect the composite (red, white, yellow) cables to it. This way, it’s just displayed as a regular, non-HD picture.

    But if you want HD without HDMI, you can use component cables (red, blue, green, white, red), which go up to 720p/1080i. You can get them for around $20, and they work wonders! 720p vs standard resolution is a big difference.

    If you get the component cables, then you can just go into the PS3 settings and change your resolution to 720p, and see the difference it makes.

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