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I know there are a ton out there, but help with PS3 80710102?


Ok, so my PS3 internet connection was working until a few weeks ago. But suddenly it wouldn’t connect. I have contacted Time Warner Cable and gone through all of their instructions and it still didn’t work.

I have a Linksys wireless connection that works with all the computers in the house (laptops and desktops). The PS3 will recognize the IP Address, but comes up with the 80710102 error. I have tried the whole and thing as well as the DNS from the computer. No combination seems to work.

I rebooted the entire system, entered everything and it connected, but when I went to sign in it came back unable to do so. I checked the connection and came up once again with 80710102 when it had worked a minute earlier!

I am so frustrated right now! Any suggestions?

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  1. Try this out, this method always works because you’re using your own IP address as the primary DNS but a global secondary DNS just in case the first one fails (It never fails, though)

    1. Open up a command prompt and type “ipconfig” (without the quotations) and hit enter. To open up a command prompt, Press Ctrl+R, type in “cmd.exe” (without quotations) and hit enter.

    2. Look at the internet adapter part which you are using (Could be wired Ethernet or wireless) and see where it says “IPv4 Address”. Take note of the IP address on the right hand side.

    3. Over to your PS3, go to XMB/Settings/Network Settings/ and edit your internet settings. Select wired/wireless (whichever one you’re using) and by the time you are at the DNS settings, make the primary DNS your IP address and the secondary DNS “”. Proceed the rest and reconnect your internet.

    4. All done!

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