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pc or ps3? plz help?


im wondering if i should buy a ps3 or a strong computer that can handle ps3 games. i want to buy a ps3 only for cod games. i know i’ll get bored of them, so i diceded to buy a strong laptop and play both pc and ps3 games wherever and whenever i want. it looks more comfortable to play them on ps3 but thats why i ask you guys. is it comfortable enough on pc? which one’s online gameplay is better and the most important one: CAN I PLAY COD ON PC WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER AND ALSO CONNECT MY PC TO A TV WITH HDMI CABLE? THANKS

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  1. From my experience a powerfull PC will be no better or worse than the PS3, HOWEVER the PS3 is designed to play games the PC isn’t necessarily built for it. the PS3 will give you direct access to the game with a controller that has been set up for the games. The PC will involve a lot of adjustments to settings, disabling anti-virus, keeping memory use and hard drive fragmentation in check – in general the PC is a lot higher in maintenance when compared to the PS3. also when drivers are updated in the PC there is always issues with games needing updates to fix “Bugs”.

    I would suggest you get the PS3 as it is lot easier for gaming. additionally the spec of PC for these games would likely be more expensive than the PS3. Sorry cant comment on the XBOX controller as i have a standard PC and a PS3 for gaming, which is free for online play, Microsoft (X-Box anyway) sometimes charge for online play so watch out for that s well.

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