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Problem with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PS3?


Every time I start up the game, it shows about a second of the intro cutscene, then it closes the game and puts me to the PS3 menu. Please help
It’s version 1.13
Update 2:
I already delteded all the savefiles and the game itself, i reinstalled it, but nothing changed
Update 3:
It’s not the disk, because it works on my friend’s PS3


  1. usually these problems are easy to fix , delete your game data and restart to update to the latest version and check the disc for scratches

    it’s probably gotten corrupted data in the game data , delete and re-update to fix that

    if that is not the problem then it will be a scratched or dirty disc , it’s a software issue so has to be game data or the disc

  2. stop using the internet while playing on other systems (pc laptop ) if your torrenting it then close it

    if none of that works wipe the 1.13 patch and download it again under the gamedata folder

    if none that works its the disk

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