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Which PS3 should I buy and when?


I am not sure which PS3 I should buy. I want it mainly as a dvd player/up converter. I will play some games, but I mostly game on my 360. I am into FPS’s and the PS3 doesn’t seem to have a lot of them. I would love to be able to play older PS2 and maybe PS1 games if any of the current systems play them.

Anyways, should I buy the slim or the older model. And should I buy it this month, wait until Christmas, or wait until right after Christmas/early next year to avoid defects.


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  1. well since you want to play ps1, ps2, and ps3 games you should get a ps3 60gb (330) or a ps3 slim and ps2 (440)

    the 60gb was the best ps3 ever made

    they sell them used at gamestop for 330

    a cheaper price than buying a slim, controllers for the slim, then buying a ps2, then controllers for the ps2, then memory cards

    the 60gb ps3 can play almost all ps3 games check which ones you want and see if they are playable

    the 60gb has all the features of the slim except for the 120gb hard drive (which you can swap out) and the energy efficency

    the 60gb actually has more features such as:

    memory card reader

    ps1/ps2 compatibilty

    install other os feature

    and the both have wifi and blu ray

  2. well the new slim ps3 doesn’t support ps2 gaming so definitely the older model. also, the older model (used) is $20 less than the new slim model (new); although the new slim ps3 does have a 120gb hard drive (vs an 80gb).

    also worth noting, is the ability to run a separate operating system on the old ps3 (like ubuntu linux) but there’s no real benifits from that if you’re not trying to soft mod your ps3 or play ps2/ps3 backups. unless you don’t have a pc, but i’m assuming you do ;P

    also, ps3 has a decent amount of fps – and a lot of newer 360 games are being ported to ps3 as well (less 360-only titles)

  3. The PlayStation 3 has literally not been backward compatible for over 2 years now but some people are still a bit misunderstood/complaining about it. wierd ( not saying u are)

    If you plan on buying brand new you should just get the Ps3 slim.

    As to when to buy it? Buy it ASAP. That way you can get on the free UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer demo faster 😉

    If you really want a backwards compatible PS3 go to Kijjiji or Craigslist and look for PlayStation 3’s with it.

    This list should help you with that:

    [url is not allowed].

  4. Erm.

    FPS exclusives on PS3:

    Resistance 1

    Resistance 2

    Haze [Not that good though]

    Killzone 2

    MAG [256 players online]

    On topic:

    All PS3’s have playback to PS1 games, but some cannot play PS2 games.

    If you can find a 60GB PS3 working fine, then that’s what you should get. the 60GB can play all PS2 games. Other versions such as the old 80GB with 4 USB can only play some PS2 games, but not all.

    I would just suggest you get the Slim version this month. Also I recommend that you should get Uncharted 2 as your first game for PS3 when it comes out.

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